InduCCI-RGB  InduCCI - Cultural and Creative Industries in Traditional Industrial Regions as Drivers for Transformation in Economy and  Society

Digitization, circular economy, renewable energies, artificial intelligence: Industry is currently experiencing the arrival of   another transformation cycle. In the near future, industries will operate and appear differently – with profound effects not only on production modes but also for working and social environments.
To enable Central Europe´s traditional industrial regions to persist, there is need for both: economic innovation and societal development. Culture and creative industries (CCI) – known for their alternative working structures and lateral thinking character – could come in as a core driving force on both levels of this transition.

However, traditional industrial regions – being historically focused on technological innovation – have until now rarely discovered the potential of CCI. Additionally, culture and creative workers prefer urbanity – a social factor usually less developed in non-metropolitan industrial settings. At the same time, such regions do hold specific location assets for attracting CCI, e.g. producing industrial companies, vacant old-industrial sites, personal networks.
In InduCCI, Central European industrial regions have teamed up to tackle jointly the challenge of fostering CCI.
Through policies and trainings, they intend to bring about supportive frameworks for CCI in industrial regions – on regional, national and EU levels. Through pilot actions, they investigate the potential of CCI as economic actor and innovator as well as driver of social change and new entrepreneurship. Most promising approaches are made available in a toolbox to other industrial regions and European CCI networks for policy take-up. Via CCI, a new pioneer spirit in Central European industrial regions could come into being – thus reviving a cultural heritage and developing a distinction, for which these regions once were known and famous for.
ARRSA role in the project:
ARSSA participates in all Work Packages. ARSSA through the participation in the InduCCI project and thanks to networking capacities will be a consultant of the city and region in terms of CCI development. The project will improve and develop the CCI sector, make recommendations for the city on how to boost CCI sector. ARSSA can bring in unique experiences to the partnership: - cross-sectoral cooperation already well developed; - wide rage of local, national and international contacts can be used (e.g. EC Industry 4.0 platform); - professional mapping of CCI in the region exists; - good practice example of FabLab as a CCI booster and a connector between old and new industries. The main benefit for ARSSA for taking part in the project will be exploring good practices of CCI development and learning the know-how in providing policy framework for the CCI. Within InduCCI, ARSSA carries through two pilot actions ("industrial hackathon" – jointly with PP3 – and youngster workshops) for testing approaches which are new in the region.
ARRSA main activities:
- Transnational pilot action testing "Fostering cooperation between CCI and companies from other sectors": "Industrial Hackathon": Testing CCI capacities for tackling industrial challenges - PPs3+5 provide framework for result driven workshops where industrial companies pitch CCI challenges and CCI develop solutions. PPs3+5 apply different methodologies (e.g. product-oriented vs. process-oriented, interdisciplinary CCI team vs. solo CCI)
- Transnational pilot action testing "Empowerment of industrial society through CCI":
"Youngster FabLab": Introducing creativity and entrepreneurship to the young - ARRSA tests workshops series for students, pupils challenging their creativity and raising their self-dependance as preconditions for future entrepreneurship. Supported by FabLab Bielsko-Biała. Tested as an offer outside curricula.

Contact details:

Patrycja Węgrzyn, international project specialist

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