The approval of the Design Option Paper (or DOP) composed by three regional development agencies, ADRAL (Evora, Portugal), ARR SA (Bielsko-Biala, Poland) and ERVET (Bologna, Italy) closes the project Go SIV co-funded from Horizon2020 was approved by the European Commission at the closure of the project.

Each agency contributed to the document with their own methods and tools in the processes of the revival of the suburb areas planned by the old industrial model and affected by the withdrawal of investors. The model of Smart Industrial Villages is described, which aims to create the sustainable innovation ecosystem by the inclusive processes and services to support the local community and local entrepreneurship.

The release of the DOP does not mean that the work of the agencies in their pilot territories is finished. The efforts and the support for the areas are carried on and the agencies continue the exchange of the knowledge and the development of the networks.

The DOP (PDF format) can be accessed on the website of the project: