We are pleased to announce that on September 25th FabLab Bielsko-Biala, was invited by the Council of the  Beskid SNT-NOT Federation in Bielsko-Biala to hold the meeting about "How to perform spatial structure of various elements by using 3D printers with a practical presentation of the 3D production"

We are pleased to inform that on 29 August 2014 FabLab Bielsko-Biala, managed by the Regional Development Agency, had the pleasure to host representatives of the Bielsko-Biala Association of Mechanical Engineers and the Beskid Board of Polish Association Council NT NOT in the meeting focused at producing digitally designed objects using 3D printers. The meeting allowed to present and discuss the essence of "3D printing" as a transformation process of digital models in three-dimensional objects. Participants were given a 3D printing technique, printing process planning and the applicability of 3D printers in reality.

Good Energy Gala (ERASME - Intelligent Energy Europe project) will take place 3rd of September 2014 in Czechowice-Dziedzice, Dworek EUREKA. Gala provides an opportunity to promote Sustainable Energy actions within regional and local selfgovernment representatives and SME's as well.

FABLAB Bielsko-Biała, a 3D laboratory has organized an information training for kids, participants of the International House Integra. Training covered topics related to the 3 dimentional printing and designing.

Konsorcjum projektu DANTE w dniu 25 czerwca w Brukseli zorganizowało konferencję finałową. Była to bardzo dobra okazja, aby zaprezentować wyniki projektu szerszej publiczności.

5th traning meeting had been organized in Bielsko-Biała FABLAB 3D Printing Laboratory. More info on www.fablab24.pl